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Center for Regional Economic and Business Networks

Message from the Director

Kazuo Machino, Director of REBN

The Center for Regional Economic and Business Networks (REBN) was established in 2011 as an organization within the Faculty of Economics and Business to conduct researches in regional economic and management. Since then, we have held various symposia and seminars, as well as published our research results. We believe that we need to construct decentralized self-sustained networks with other regions in order to accomplish our missions, i.e., academic contribution and support for the regional development in Hokkaido and other local regions. The Great East Japan Earthquake, which caused damage on nearby nuclear power plants, occurred in the same year the REBN was established. The disaster showed necessity for construction and maintenance of networks at the local levels. However, such works are becoming more and more difficult as society rapidly ages and population decreases. Additionally, while the necessity for global networks is widely understood, constructing such networks is not a simple task for regional industries that have been focusing on domestic markets, such as inbound tourism and domestic food market.
We would like to find the way to overcome those problems for Hokkaido and other local regions. We appreciate your cooperation and support in our continuing challenge.

Kazuo Machino, April 2018